Welcome to SMFG 2011


The power grids of the future come into reality by enabling intelligent communication across sensing, measurement, and control layers of the existing power systems.

Measurements become a core part of the grid and new challenging problems have to be dealt with and solved related, but not restricted to: the incomplete knowledge arising from the uncertainties associated not only to the instruments but also to the system model; data relevance and security aspects; the new real time paradigm seen from a smart grid perspective; data compression versus information lost; synchronized measurements of dynamic quantities while preserving the phasor paradigm; measurement quality definitions used for planning the future grids; the need of a new generation of instrument transformers as input converters for last generation measurement and control devices; standards and calibration procedures crossing the borders of power engineering and metrology science and (why not?) on "smart metering" dictionary around the world .

This conference is aimed at finding coordinated answers to these new challenges through the contributions of all "smart gridā€ers". Authors are invited to submit their papers and help make this conference another example of professional bridge across engineers and user communities.